The oldest living tree on earth is probably the North American long-lived pine, whose age in 2012 was estimated to be 5,060 year sold according to its number of rings. Generally, giant sequoia trees are no older than 2,000 years old , whereas other trees can be below 1,000 years old.

Tree’s can be considered one of the most perfect creations of nature, for a number of reasons. Such as the trunks rings representing the life of the tree and what was happening around it during its lifespan just like the grooves on a record player.

Scottsdale farm has one of the oldest old growth forests in Georgetown, and is one of the oldest in Ontario.
If you walked on Scottsdale farms trails, then you have discovered an ancient sugar maple forest (estimated to be 150-200 years old) and a 50-hectare cedar swamp with trees over 250 years old on 215 hectares of old farm land. The dominant trees are Sugar Maple, Eastern White Cedar and Eastern Hemlock. In 2018, the famous dry sugar maple fell in the middle of a meadow. When you stand in front of it, it is as if you can see it’s entire life before your eyes.
This old tree grew here in 1926 when Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the well-known Canadian bestseller Anne of Green Gables moved to Acton with her husband a priest.
This tree was here as early as 1818, at a time when the five Kennedy brothers arrived as the first settlers in today's Georgetown.

When you visit Scottsdale farm and find yourself in a forest of beautiful trees, remember our ancestors. Thanks to them the beauty of these old trees such as the Sugar Maple, Eastern White Cedar and Eastern Hemlock continues to amaze us today.
They knew well that if you want to grow corn it only takes a few months, but if you want to grow an oak tree you need to wait three hundred years. A human’s age and the age of a tree cannot be compared. We should not forget that trees are planted not only for ourselves, but left behind as a message for our future generations. A message unwritten, but still so significant. We have not forgotten about the generations that live on after us. Don't forget about us either.

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Photography Mik Herman for GeonMagazine